Buy & Sell (Swansea)

We Buy & Sell! Sell your DVDs, BlueRays, PS games, Other Games, Gaming ConsolesMobile Phones, TV, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Furniture, Old Books, Music CDs, Coins, Medals ... Just about ANYTHING! Best Prices Paid!

Where to find us: High Street Arcade Swansea! Opening from 10 - 5 pm Weekdays, and 1 pm - 5 pm Saturdays. Closed on Sundays!  Phone / Text / WhatsApp: 07971913106

Welcome to Pier91 - The First Real Buy & Sell Shop in Swansea! * We buy nearly anything, even those things, you are often forced, to "donate" (or trow away), to so called charity shops, as there was no alternative! Not anymore!

We Also Buy Your Old Digital TV Boxes! 

We even BUY various old TVs and Radios! Please come over and show us even just a picture! Instant qoutes!

We Buy Old Mobile Phones! just about anything, included your old (clean) clothes! Not per Kg! Per Piece!

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We Buy and Sell!

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We Buy and Sell!

PS1 - Playstation 1 and PS1 games

  • Playstation One Controller (No Sticks) - Cash 1 pound - Selling 2.50
  • Sony Playstation Official Dual Shock Controller, Grey - Cash 2 pound - Selling 4.50
  • Playstation 1 (included controller and leads) - Cash - Selling 
  • Sony Playstation Official Memory Card, Grey - Cash 2 Pounds - Selling 4.50
  • Sony PlayStation Console, Grey, DualShock Controller, Unboxed - Cash 12 - Selling 25 pounds
  • Sony PlayStation Console, Grey, DualShock Controller, Discounted - Cash 10 - Selling 21 pounds
  • Sony PlayStation Console, Grey, Digital Controller (No Sticks), Discounted - Cash 7 - Selling 17 pounds
  • Sony PlayStation Console, Grey, Digital Controller (No Sticks), Unboxed - Cash 8 - Selling 18 pounds
  • Various PS1 games - We buy Cash from 0.50 pence - 10 pounds / Sellling from 2 pounds - 25 pounds
  • Sony PSone Console, White, Unboxed (Small PS1) - Cash 8 Pounds - Selling 21 Pounds
  • >>> See Prices Paid, for PS1 games <<<

You want to sell your car? Keep your car, drive around! We sell it for you! How it works: Pay 40 pounds upfront - We will advertise it for you! When sold, you pay us a comission of just £120. Whatever you have sold it for! Easy as that! You choose the price, you want to sell it or, alternatively, you may auction it!

Don`t give your car for PEANUTS, to car-dealer sharks!

Call or Text / whatsApp; 07971913106

Get paid for your unwanted stuff! 

Don`t "donate" it! You have worked for! You have paid for!

Swansea is full of so called "Charity Shops", which are actually proper businesses, making a lot of cash, with items donated to them, for nothing! Here is the alternative: Sell to Us, and make CASH yourself! EASY as that!

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