Welcome to Pier91 - The First Real German Eatery in Swansea!

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Original German burgers.... Guess, where the name "Hamburger" ....

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... originates from.. No, not from US! From the German city of Hamburg!

Experience Kaffee & Real German Food, included German Hamburgers, Hotdogs and German Cake!


Pier91 - Gutes EssenGuten Kaffee, Guten Tag!

Pier91 is a one of a kind establishment that serves both coffee, German, British, Asian style food and smiles. Founded in 2017, by Remo - born and raised in Germany (region Berlin), living in Swansea since 2005. Come and enjoy a a German burger or an original Hamburger Schnitzel or just a nice relaxing cup of your favorite breakfast beverage. There are definitely plenty to choose from!

Fresh Coffee, Cake, Burgers, Tea
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